Career Exploration and Development

Career Exploration and Development is a collective resource for students, alumni, employers, faculty, staff and other community members. Our team interacts with students and graduates from all academic disciplines and supports individuals interested in learning about the world of work and exploring possible destinations. Through establishing partnerships within and beyond our campus environment, we encourage others to explore pathways through experiential learning and develop plans that fortify our University Mission.

For Gannon

If you are interested in sharing jobs, internships or other professional opportunities for Gannon students or other Gannon alumni, please access our College Central Network employer page. You are also welcome to email Erin Hart in Employer Relations to discuss your hiring needs and recruitment interests. 

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We also invite you to take part in our mentoring/shadowing program where alumni would serve as a contact for Gannon students who are seeking career or employment information.

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For You

If you’d like to connect with an advisor regarding your own career path, please contact our office at 814-871-7680 to arrange a time to meet or speak with someone on our team. Please feel free to create an alumni account in the College Central Network to access job opportunities and career resources.